• We’re passionate about wool and silk

    We’re passionate about wool and silk

  • Woolly Sleeping Bag

    Woolly Sleeping Bag

    Designed to world-class, exacting standards
  • Woolly Long Leg Pants

    Woolly Long Leg Pants

    Luxurious feel that is easy care for and durable

100% Natural, Ecological, Organic, Sustainable, Renewable and Exquisitely Made

There are no fabrics in the world that compare to wool and silk. Fabrics made from these fibres are uniquely 100% natural, ecologically friendly, renewable, organic, breathable, high comfort and in the case of superfine merino wool, insulating, flame resistant, odour resistant, quick drying with the ability to wick moisture away from the body, Static free, machine washable, stay warm when wet, are soft to handle and extremely comfortable to wear. For young babies the properties of superfine wool provide the ideal clothing. It allows for stretch and movement whilst still keep the baby wrapped. The unique shape of our woolly sleeping bag is specifically designed follows the guiding principles of the Aust pediatric council. Their guidelines promote healthy hip development by allowing the baby to open and stretch their legs. This builds flexibility and strength. Additionally the design includes a wrap cloth that encompasses the upper body of the baby providing security and wellbeing.